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Working & Partnering TOGETHER in God's Mission

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Give a gift to Jigsaw today and empower a child’s life in faith, hope and love

The life-changing work of Jigsaw Kids Ministry is made possible through your continued help and support. Partner with us today and help empower positive change in the lives of children, young people and families living in need, hardship and distress, thank you.

  • Give a gift.

  • Give a regular monthly gift to Jigsaw

  • Have a collection or fund raising event for Jigsaw.

Thank you so much for your life changing gifts, your monthly giving, your fund raising events, your church collections and all the ways that you empower and enable God's work in Jigsaw, thank you.

Thank You


Partnering TOGETHER in




If you would like to receive Jigsaw's news and prayer letter or join Jigsaw's monthly online prayer meeting then please CLICK HERE and send a quick email saying what you woudl like to recieve and/or if you would like the link to join the zoom prayer meetings.

Prayer enables God's love and power to reach right into the centre of life bringing healing, love, joy, peace and wholeness to broken lives.

Ways to join us in PRAYER

  • Receive Jigsaw's monthly prayer and newsletter (sent out bimonthly). At the back of each edition is prayers for that month. If you are a church or organisation please print it out and share with those around you.

  • Join our monthly Jigsaw zoom prayer meeting which is held on every first Saturday of the month. We have an hour prayer meeting on Zoom with supporters and Jigsaw workers from the UK, Philippines and across the world. Please join us. 

Thank You

Edu sponsorship

Give the life changing GIFT of EDUCATION and sponsor a child to go to school 



If you would like to sponsors a child to go to school or college please CLICK HERE and send us a brief email saying you are enquiring about school sponsorship. We will then email out to you an education sponsorship pack will will give you further details.

Thank you.


Sponsor a child or young person to go to School or College


UNICEF, 'Education is a key factor to change in the lives of children in poverty.'


Jigsaw's education sponsorship program enables and empowers children and young people to go to school and college. The criteria for the student to be accepted on the program is that they have no other way to go to school or college, making the program a lifeline for so many without hope or a future.

Jigsaw Education Sponsorship Program

  • The cost to sponsor a child or young person to go to school is 25 pounds per month. We understand that in the present financial climate this is a significant commitment but it does do so much to bring hope and a future for each student.

  • The program works in partnership with the child/young persons family or guardians. 

    • Is managed and overseen by a trained social worker.​

    • Provides yearly school uniform, shoes, PE kit, bag, school supplies and all the books needed.

    • Each student belongs to a weekly homework club and household group where they get education support and pastoral care from our social worker.

    • A daily allowance of approx. 50p for transport to school and a daily nutritious snack.

    • The program also sends updated profiles, cards and information to each child's sponsor.

Thank You


Partner Jigsaw by collecting life changing 


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If you would like to collect resources for Jigsaw please CLICK HERE to send us an email saying you would like to collect resources for Jigsaw. Then we will send you all the info, resource lists, labels for boxes etc that you will need to get started.

The children and families Jigsaw ministers with are in desperate need for everyday humanitarian and hygiene resources, by helping to collect resources that we can send to the Philippines you will help us to respond to needs and build up children and families lives in so many vital ways.

Ways to Help

  • Keep a large Jigsaw resource box in your church, school or organisation and people can pop in resources the children need from the resource list we will send you eg tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, flannels, plasters, bandages etc. Every 3 or 4 months (or when the boxes are full) we will arrange to collect the box and then send the vital resources off to Jigsaw Philippines.

  • Have a resource collecting event.

Thank You


Begin a church, school or organisation partnership with Jigsaw and be part of Gods MISSION to the WORLD:


If you would like to begin a church, school or organisation please CLICK HERE and send a quick email saying you would like to start a Jigsaw partnership and we will email you back with information of how to begin.

  • Partner with Jigsaw as a whole church, organisation and join in God's mission with Jigsaw, 'To share Gods love with children and families living in Manila Philippines.'

  • Receive news and prayers letters and video updates.

  • Have church visits from Jigsaws Kids Ministry.

  • Join Jigsaw's monthly prayer meeting.

  • Link your Sunday school, children and youth ministries with Jigsaw.

  • Raise funds and resources for Jigsaw.


Thank You

Jigsaw monthly giving campaign
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