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UNICEF - child poverty has increased in the Philippines in the last 3 years by over 200 percent.

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Can you Help Jigsaw find more supporters for a secure future?

2023 is the year that marks 20 years of Jigsaw in the Philippines.


This is truly incredible.


This milestone represents 20 years of Jigsaw sharing God’s love to so many children in extreme need: especially to those with disabilities and those exposed to/or are living on the streets in Manila.


Through Jigsaw so many children have been saved through God's love and have been changed physically, spiritually and socially.

We PRAISE and THANK GOD for all of you and for the amazing way that you have made Jigsaw happen over the last 20 years.

And the GOOD NEWS is that Jigsaw is ready and passionate for another 20 years of sharing God’s love with children and families living in extreme need and poverty in Metro Manila.

But the CHALLENGE is that with rising costs and an increase in the numbers of children in extreme poverty, Jigsaw is struggling financially and needs your help to find new supporters to keep the ongoing ministry going.

We also need more financial support in order to engage in more community education and advocacy particularly concerning the area of online child sexual abuse which has exploded in prevalence since the Covid pandemic and affects many of the children who come to Jigsaw.

So we need YOUR HELP to find more supporters.

The GOAL and VISION of Jigsaw this year is to implement 'Jigsaw's 'Affordable Giving' Campaign' which would see an increase in the number of Jigsaw supporters by 100 -150 (all giving an affordable monthly gift of between £5 to £60 pounds per month).

If we could achieve this goal, it would mean that Jigsaw would be secure to continue all of its work and outreach as well as expand to ensure we reach the increasing numbers of children being pushed into extreme poverty and prevent the terrible risk and suffering this brings.

Jigsaw’s 'Affordable Giving' Campaign

Goal: 100 – 150 new supporters giving £5 to £60/month.

That seems a huge goal, but it is what we need, and God can do it through all of us.


The GOOD NEWS is that God doesn’t give us more than we can do. Jigsaw has 10 supporting churches and over 400 supporters SO, if each church could aim to find 10 NEW Jigsaw supporters and each of us as supporters could aim to find 2 or 3 more people to support Jigsaw, we can reach our goal to enable Jigsaw’s funding to be secure for another 20 years.

Actions  -  How can you help?


  • That God will open the hearts of people to become new supporters of Jigsaw so that we can reach the target of 150 + new supporters.


  • Churches: Working to the goal of 10 -15 new Jigsaw supporters giving an affordable amount of 5 to 60 pounds a month.

  • Individuals: Working to the goal of reaching 2 or 3 (or more) new supporters for Jigsaw

To help with the campaign we have produced a Jigsaw ‘New Supporters Giving Leaflet’ that can be PRINTED OUT HERE:


If a new supporter would like to start a monthly direct debit online please use the Jigsaw bank details which can be found HERE. Please would you then kindly send us an email at Jigsaw Kids Ministries to let us know you have started a monthly gift to Jigsaw, EMAIL LINK HERE. Thank you.

     Thank you for joining with Jigsaw in Jesus' great calling. 


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 19 vs 14

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