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Jigsaw Community Ministries

Jigsaw Community Ministries are set in the heart of depressed, temporary shelter and street communities in Metro Manila and Angeles Pampanga.


They are places and spaces of God's love, focussed on growing both loving, caring relationships between the children and adults and within the community.


They also bring opportunities for children and young people living in extreme urban poverty to belong, play, be creative and to develop thus growing holistically:physically, mentally, socially and spiritually (experiencing love, faith, hope, purpose and wellbeing).

Jigsaws community ministries are founded on the 5 foundational elements of child development, needed for love to grow.*

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Jigsaw Community Ministries focusses and activities: 

Jigsaw community ministries are wonderful and life changing places of light and hope for so many children, young people and families living at risk, need and in poverty.


Children who are normally without a safe and secure caring community or places to play or belong can find community, compassion,care and opportunities to be creative as well as to develop physically, mentally, socially and spiritually in faith, hope, love and wellbeing.


The community ministries are centred in Jigsaw community centres or (where there are no buildings available) operate on the floor or pavements on mats or in gazebos/tents.

Jigsaw has 8 community ministries implemented by Jigsaw's community ministry teams working with more than 1500 children and young people each week.

Jigsaws Community Ministries development focusses:

  • Growing caring community and significant caring relationships

  • Faith growth and discipleship

  • Play and early childhood development.

  • Child and youth development

  • Literacy and nutrition

  • Family development

  • First aid and primary health care

  • Inclusion of all

  • Child, young people and family referral system

Jigsaw Community Ministries

Child development clubs


Child development clubs

7 - 12

Youth development program

Nutrition & first aid Program

Child & young people referral system


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