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Jigsaw Supplementary Services

Jigsaw supplementary services support and empower the work of Jigsaws community ministries by responding to specific needs of individual children, young people and families. A referral system enables the community ministry staff and community members to refer children, young people and families to specific development services for assessment and response. The services provide amazing ways for Jigsaw to respond to needs and help build up and develop lives and we see so many children, young people and families finding life saving and life changing support and help within the services.


Each of Jigsaws services began as an individual response to a child's need, and have grown from there. Our Literacy services started when a young girl, (around 18 years ago) came to our street centre and at the end of the children's club she sat there and said, "I want to be able to read." A small reading, writing and numeracy group was started beginning our literacy services and 18 years of Jigsaw teaching literacy and numeracy to hundreds of children. God is so good guiding the growth and development of Jigsaws supplementary services, bringing light and life to so many.

Jigsaw Supplementary Services

Health & Wellbeing


  • Emergency health response & ongoing health care

  • Wellbeing, physical, mental and social response

Education Services

  • Education sponsorship.

  • Literacy & numeracy for all

  • Alternative learning system

  • Young adult empowerment

Children with disabilities services

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Managing and responding to disability

  • Inclusion

  • Family and household support network

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