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Jigsaw Vision

faith, hope, love 

Life in ALL fullness for ALL children and young people

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jigsaw Kids Ministry: introduction and mission

Jigsaw Kids Ministry is a Christian child development ministry working to improve and develop the lives of children and young people living in extreme need and hardship in depressed, temporary shelter and street communities in Metro Manila and Angeles City Philippines.

Jigsaw's mission is founded on sharing Gods love in practical and strategic ways to respond to needsbuild up and develop children's and young peoples lives in Faith, Hope, Love and wellbeing and to advocate and work for safety, justice and children's rights.

    'That children and young people living in extreme poverty, need and hardship in Metro Manila Philippines may have opportunities to know Gods love, care, security, significance, creativity and boundaries, to be able to flourish and to lives in ALL Fullness as God created them to.'


Jigsaws 10 development focuses:

  • Growing caring child centred communities

  • Faith growth and discipleship

  • Health and wellbeing 

  • Play and early childhood development

  • Child and youth development

  • Family and parenting

  • Education sponsorship

  • Literacy and numeracy for all

  • Ladies development and empowerment 

  • Emergency and crisis response

All children and young people from the urban areas where Jigsaw works are welcome to Jigsaw. However, Jigsaw has a special focus for those in most need, those with disabilities and those exposed to street life. Jigsaw implements its mission and calling through its holistic child, youth and family development programmes.

Jigsaw development program

Jigsaw ministers through its child, youth and family development program which is divided into three strategic parts; Jigsaw Community Ministries, Jigsaw Supplementary Services and Jigsaw Family Development Projects. Jigsaw works with more than 1500 children, young people and families each week from more than 10 urban communities. All children are welcome to Jigsaw with a special focus for those in most need, those exposed to street life and those with disabilities.

  • Child development ministry

  • Youth development ministry

  • Nutrition program

  • First aid and health care response ministry

  • Education services

  • Health and wellbeing services

  • Children with disabilities services

  • Emergency response services

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  • Ladies empowerment program

  • Family development seminars

  • Advocacy program

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The foundation of Jigsaw's child development ministry are the 5 elements needed for love to grow (Dr K White - The Growth of Love.)






Let's work together to share God's LOVE
helping to bring a better life with HOPE of a brighter future for children, young people and families living in need, hardship and poverty in urban areas of Metro Manila Philippines.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

Matthew 19 vs 14

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