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Jigsaw Education Services


Education - Every child has the right to learn. Education is a key foundation for changing poverty:

World Bank Statistics

Based on World Bank estimates, learning poverty in urban poor areas of the Philippines is at 85.9 percent as of June 2022. Learning poverty is defined as the percentage of children aged 10 who cannot read or understand a simple story.

The world bank also estimates that the numbers of children from urban poor areas which will not complete school has increased in the last 5 years to over 70%. The factors for this increase are stated as the hike in the cost of living leaving little money for education and the high cost of uniforms, books, transport and school projects.


The high number of children not completing school is also attributed to cultural influences which value children working rather than studying. However such a culture leaves thousands of out of school youth wandering the streets, becoming part of crime and drug cultures with little hope of a future.

The Philippine Statistics Authority


(PSA) estimates a total of 3.6 million Out-Of-School Children and Youth in the Philippines (OOSCY) aged 6-24. The highest numbers are in urban poor areas and two-thirds of them are females.

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In response to the critical need for education and learning for children in the urban areas where Jigsaw ministers, Jigsaw operates 4 education services

  • Education sponsorship services

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  • Literacy and numeracy services

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  • Alternative Learning System services

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