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jigsaw EDUCATION Sponsorship services 


Giving the gift of education and bringing hope of a brighter future:

Jigsaw education sponsorship is designed to empower and enable children who have no other way to be able to go to school to be empowered and enabled to go to school and have and education.


The program works as a tri partnership between a child and their family/household/guardian, Jigsaw and an education sponsor.  The sponsor pays a monthly or yearly amount which pays for a school uniform, a bag and school supplies each year, plus a daily allowance for transport and food, they also agree to pray for their student and exchange letters and cards throughout the year. The family/household and guardian sign a contract to agree to lovingly support their child to go to school and to attend all relevant meetings and gatherings. Jigsaw's role is to employ a school sponsorship officer to oversee the program, help to care and support each student and to hold a weekly home work club. The officer also oversees pastoral and faith care. They also holds regular parents meetings to help support them in their roles as mothers and guardians. 

The gift of education through Jigsaw's education sponsorship program has been ongoing since 2005 and has helped to build up and transform many, many lives.

If you would like to sponsors a child to go to school or college please click here.

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Jigsaw also sponsors older children to go on to higher education, this is done in partnership with the students sponsor and family/household and is of great, great benefit and value to the student bringing hope for a 

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literacy services

Jigsaw literacy & numeracy services


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To be able to read and write is not only a right of a child but is critical to their lives, their safety, security ability to live and look after themselves, access health, wellbeing and life in all its facets. Plus being able to read for education, learning and for pleasure.

Alongside the need to read and write as a foundation for life is the need for basic numeracy. In 2003 after a Jigsaw kids club one young girl around 7 years old announced that she wanted to be able to read and write, this started the Jigsaw literacy and numeracy program with the vision for literacy and numeracy for all. In a joint venture between a UK and Philipino teacher a practical literacy and numeracy program to teach children who couldn't read and write to read and write was written.

It is now almost 20 years since the little girl in Jigsaw could read her first words and we are still using the same program to teach literacy and numeracy today. We teach literacy and numeracy in our Jigsaw literacy school based in a depressed community and in other communities on the pavements and anywhere where literacy is needed. Jigsaw runs 4 different literacy and numeracy classes, for children beginners and advanced, and the same for teenagers and adults. We thank God for the program and for the hundreds of children who over the last 20 years have learnt to read and write to a good level and acquired good numeracy skills, such a blessings.

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Jigsaws goal is for ALL children in the areas where Jigsaw ministers to become literate and competent in numeracy. We aim to respond to the needs of the children where they live offering literacy classes in the places, communities and spaces where the child live and stay. In area 4 we run our literacy and numeracy school for children, young people and adults who need to learn to read and write and to learn numeracy skills. In the other communities where Jigsaw works we teach literacy through our kids and youth ministries with the goal to develop even more literacy and numeracy classes to work towards achieving 100 literacy in the areas where Jigsaw ministers.



the alternative 


The ALS Program or Alternative Learning  Program is a parallel learning system that provides a practical option to the existing formal instruction for Filipino out-of-school children, youth, and adults (OSCYAs).

The system is a joint partnership between UNICEF and the Philipino department of education which uses a computer based learning program to enable and empower children and youth who have not been to school to have an education. The system allows a child or youth to go at their own pace through the different subjects taking exams when they are ready. As they complete modules and pass exams they can progress through a whole education program ending up with a high school diploma. The program is located in schools, NGO buildings, churches etc and each one is managed by a trained ALS operative.

Over the 20 years of Jigsaw we have enrolled and supported numerous children and young people in the  ALS to get and education through giving transport and a daily food allowance. It is a wonderful system and Jigsaw hopes to continues to enable children and young people who are non schooled to get and education through the program for years to come.

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Jigsaw partners with the Philippines Accelerated Learning System to enable and empower out older youth who have never been to school or have dropped out of school to get and education. Praise God

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