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The growth of LOVE

Jigsaw's child development ministry foundations:

Dr Keith Whites reflective work on child development shares that for children to develop wholly they need to be in a context of LOVE and for love to grow a child needs to experience 5 foundational elements, SECURITY, SIGNIFICANCE, COMMUNITY, CREATIVIY, BOUNDARIES. The book crucially reflect that if even one of these elements are missing from a child's context/life they will not develop wholly as God created them to.


Reflections of children in  further show that perhaps the most harmful and destructive impact of the many forms of poverty is that they destroy the relationships, community and cultures that are the source and catalysts of these five foundational child development elements. that children need, to develop wholly. The destruction of these elements destroys the very fabric and foundational needs /hungers of a child. Causing them to hinder and stop their development physically, mentally, socially and spiritually as they should causing long term harm.


In response Jigsaw makes the 5 elements that love needs to grow the foundations of all it does.


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