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Jigsaw Children with Disability Services

Children with disabilities are often the most at risk and in need of all children.


Many are hidden away in their homes or houses or are loved and cared for but the family or household has no way to access the right help and care they need for their child.


As with most of Jigsaw's ministries and services, Jigsaws children with disabilities ministry started with one particular child. He was a loved member of Jigsaw who was positioned outside of our office on the edge of the road to get money from jeepny drivers and pasangers, the older boys would carry him into Jigsaw when it was time to eat. In response to his needs Jigsaw started their children with disabilities ministry which began with play clubs and a referal and assessment ministry. Over the years the ministry has grown to have  5 main focusses.

Jigsaw Children with Disability Services has 5 main focusses

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Managing and responding to disability.

  • Play therapy.

  • Portage.

  • Inclusion

  • Family and household support network.

Health and Wellbeing: To ensure each child or young person’s health and wellbeing (physical, mental, social and spiritual) is of an acceptable standard.

To carry out an initial health and wellbeing review for each child joining the ministry, responding to any needs. To continually assess each child’s health and wellbeing.


To respond to health and wellbeing referrals for CWD children


To respond to family concerns.

Managing and responding to disabilities:

To develop life plans, responses and initiatives which help manage and respond to the child’s disability. (This is having on gong development input)


Home and centre play and portage therapy:

To make an initial assessment of each CWD.


To develop a life response plan with the family including.

         Jigsaw home/ centre therapy sessions. Play and portage.

         A schedule of home therapy activities. (eg. stretching, exercises, play, etc.) Other prescribed therapy and activities.

Inclusion. To work to ensure that the child is included in family, household, community, and Jigsaw life.


-To ensure each child is included in the family/ household and community.


-To ensure each child is being included in Jigsaw ministries and activities outside of CWD.

Family & Household support network. To develop a network which unites families and households with CWD that they may support one another in friendship and care and access training and outside support and care.

  • A quarterly gathering bringing children and families together to play and meet, with a training talk

  • Twice a yearly visit to other centres and to seminars etc.

  • Two group social trips a year.

  • Develop a response mechanism to help one another.

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