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Jigsaw kids ministry
united as one

Jigsaw is a Christian child development ministry whose mission and calling is to share Gods love in practical and strategic ways with children, young people and families living in urban communities in Metro Manila; to respond to needs and build up lives in Faith, Hope, Love, Purpose and Wellbeing

Jigsaw, inspired, ordained, and guided by God was started in 2003 in the Philippines by a group of local Philipino Christians and a Church mission society mission family. An amazing and life changing ministry was started to share Gods love with children living in urban poor and street communities through Jigsaw play clubs.

Soon after Jigsaw was started in the Philippines God touched the hearts of 3 Christians in Yorkshire England to come together to start a Christian charity called Jigsaw Kids Ministries UK. A ministry with a calling and mission to unite Churches, organisation and individuals to support, empower and enable the ministry in Manila through prayer, gifts, school sponsorship and resources.


Today both Jigsaw Kids Ministry Philippines and Jigsaw Kids Ministries UK continue their vital mission work, one on the streets and in urban communities in Metro Manila and one uniting churches and Christians supporters in the UK and around the world to empower and enable the ministry of Jigsaw in the Philippines. Although both are fully registered in their own countries and have their own boards of trustees the two ministries are fully one in their work, mission, and ministry of Jigsaw. One grown by God to share his LOVE each day with children and families in urban areas of Metro Manila and one, faithful people united to water, nourish and provide for the ministry in the Philippines. Both only having purpose when united together.


It is a quite remarkable story how God sowed the seeds of the ministry in Manila but then didn't leave it there, sowing seeds 7000 miles for a minsitry which would unite faithful Christians, churches and organisations to enable and empower the ministry in Manila in its mission, ministry and work.


It is such a story of Gods great love and power growing two ministries, one body under Christ with the distinct calling and mission to share His great Love in real ways and in real time NOW with children, young people and families living in need and hardship in depressed, slum, squatter and street communities in Metro Manila Philippines, how great is our God how great is his love. Its amazing and we, in the Philippines and in the UK look forward to see what Gods plans are and what shape Jigsaw will grow in in the future as God, guides and leads.

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